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23 Truthful Facts about Sophie Turner that will Blow Your Mind

#1 Sophie Turner was born on 21st February in 1996, in Northampton, UK. Her parents moved to the small village of Warwick, where she actually grew up.

#2 She is 1.75 cm high (5’9”).

#3 Her parents signed her up for training at Playbox Theatre Company when Sophie was only 3 years old.

#4 Clearly, the role that changed her life was as Sansa Stark in the HBO fantasy drama Game of Thrones. Her powerful performance brought her international recognition and critical acclaim.

#5 Sophie plays the mutant Jean Gray a.k.a Phoenix in the new X-Men Apocalypse movie. Curiously, Jean was her favorite comic book character when she was younger.

#6 It was her drama teacher at Playbox Theatre who encouraged her to audition for the role of Sansa.

#7 Sophie enjoys watching the hit shows Breaking Bad and Hannibal.

#8 Jennifer Lawrence, Hailee Steinfeld, Saoirse Ronan, and Miles Teller are the actors from her generation whom she admires truly.

#9 Sophie’s vivid, auburn red hair is her trademark. Interestingly, the actress is a natural blonde. She dyes her hair red to match the distinguishing feature of the Tully family.

#10 She and her on-screen sister Maisie Williams are good friends in real life.

#11 Aside from being an actress, the charming beauty sometimes does modelling. She is the star in the short film “Journey” from Millen’s Fall 2014 Campaign.

#12 The role of Sansa Stark not only brought Sophie huge popularity but also earned her one nomination for Best Supporting Young Actress and four nominations for Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance.

#13 She was only 13 years old when the shooting of Game of Thrones series started.

#14 Her favorite actor of all time is Jack Nicholson. She believes his best performance was in the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

#15 As all Game of Thrones fans remember, Sansa’s direwolf Lady was killed in season one. Sophie and her mother were already in love with the Northern Inuit dog so they decided to make her a happy member of the Turner family. In real life the dog’s name is Zunni.

#16 She appeared in the British rock band Bastille’s music video Oblivion. It is a hit single from their debut album Bad Blood.

#17 Sophie was on a holiday in France when the news about playing Sansa got to her.

#18 Her fame landed a debut role in the big screen. In the independent mystery thriller Another Me (2013), based on Catherine MacPhail’s novel, she plays a teenage girl Fae Delussey who is being stalked by a mysterious doppelganger.

#19 Sophie is asthmatic, that’s why she never leaves the house without an inhaler in her pocket.

#20 In 2014 she dated for a while the Vamps guitarist James McVey back. However, things didn’t work out for the two.

#21 Sophie is the narrator of the The Girl in the Mirror audiobook, a short story written by Lev Grossman.

#22 She has an allergy to horses.

#23 Although, Sophie is already in the A-list of Hollywood actors, playing Jean Grey in the upcoming installment of X-Men: Apocalypse is considered a huge step forward.

Hopefully, we will be seeing her a lot in blockbusters in the near future.

Description 23 Truthful Facts about Sophie Turner that will Blow Your Mind

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